RSVP & Guest Logistics

Every event needs an audience, and outstanding creative execution is just one part of every unforgettable experience OMAGE produces.

O’vation Audience Relationship Team, OMAGE’s sister company, offers an all-encompassing, hands-on, attention-to-detail service; specialising in RSVP Management and on-site guest care and logistics.

Our point of difference lies in the principal that quality of guests is more valuable than quantity. Audience relationship management ensures that you have the right guests at the right events, and that their engagement is overseen and measured every step of the way.

Turning invitations into conversations is our ART.

Other Products

Business Sessions
OMAGE packages your key communication objectives into dynamic content driven business sessions.
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Brand Environments
OMAGE specialises in creating dynamic and immersive brand environments designed to perfectly position and communicate the essence of your brand.
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Award Ceremonies
We conceptualise, co-ordinate and produce world-class award ceremonies. Talent is the new oil and we understand how important awards ceremonies are to your organisation.
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Entertainment Events
OMAGE can provide you with access to some of the world’s most celebrated performers, artists and speakers. OMAGE has had the privilege of working with some of the best talent that Africa and the world has to offer.
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Corporate Films
Producing over a 100 hours of high-end video communication per annum, our ability to create and produce award-winning corporate films remains at the fore of our communications arsenal.
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